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Why Choose Us When You Are Planning Your Next Career Move?

We are in constant touch with the pulse of the current marketplace. We can assist you in defining your career path and help you find the opportunity that is right for you. Our goal is to provide our candidates with a wide variety of job opportunities and support them in making the best choice in meeting their career goals.
re You Looking For Something Specific? 
We can assist you in evaluating your skill set as compared to current market conditions. We'll help you identify those skills that you can add to your portfolio to enhance your marketability and augment your career growth. We review your career goals and look for positions that meet your specific needs. We believe in letting you know where your resume is going and following up with feedback. We are concerned about your needs and give you as much detail as we can on positions that we are recruiting for.

Placing You in Your New Job

A complete understanding of your career objectives. This includes your career goals, your current skills and the ability to cross-train to advance your career, geographic location and financial requirements. Our clients are some of the best hospitals and clinics.  We look for work environments that are fair in treatment of their employees and are competitive in compensation and benefits. Since our client/employer pays our fee, we look for top employers that support their staff and have long term employees.

Presentation of your resume to our clients

We discuss the job opportunity and the client before we present your resume to a prospective employer. We want you to know where your resume is being presented and what the job entails. Likewise, we build trust with our clients and they respect the fact that we only submit candidates that are interested and qualified for their positions.

Scheduling of the interviews

We take care of the negotiations between the client employer and you, the candidate, to insure that you know what to expect. We prepare you with interview suggestions and how to effectively communicate your skills to the employer. We also research schools (if you have children), help with looking at places to live when you interview (if you will need to relocate), and help your spouse or significant other have an interview at the same time.

Job Offer

Our objective is to obtain an offer that meets your salary requirements, including base salary, shift differential and call pay, benefits and sign-on or moving expenses.

Acceptance of the Offer and Letter of Resignation

We help with accepting the offer, and resignation with your current employer. We will discuss the counter offer and why you should not accept it.

Follow Up in Your new job

We will stay in contact with you at your new job and help with transition. We like to stay in contact with you after the 90 day probationary period to see how you are doing. We want you to be happy in your new position and want to do everything to make sure that you are a long term employee.

Getting Settled

Once you have received the job offer and your employer has established a start date for you, we help you with some of the pressing details you need to accomplish before you start your new job. 

Please, See our 
Resume Tips and Interview Tips pages for more information to help with your Job Search process.