1. Be clear about what you want. View your job as if it were your significant other, knowing that you will spend as much or more time with it as your spouse. If you look at it this way, it will be easy to know what you like and what you dislike. Write down a list of what you must have or is most important to you in your next position.
  2. Know what your salary requirements are. You have to decide what your minimum salary requirements are. Consider the entire package, such as salary and benefits, but also consider things like the shift and hours. Perhaps taking a lateral move or losing shift differential pay is worth your quality of life. No one can make this decision for you.
  3. Get advice from people you trust. For example, your family, coworkers, your school advisors, former managers/references and even recruiters. Ask those you know will give you objective information, and tell you the pros and cons of the jobs you are considering. Keep in mind that what is important to them, may not be important to you.
  4. Discuss things before you take the job and if possible get it in writing. If you are taking a position for training or not having to work certain hours, then make sure to get this in writing. For example, an MRI Technologist took a day shift position because she did not want to work evening shifts. Six months later, the hospital changed her schedule where she had to work evening shifts. If the reason you are taking the job is not in writing, like this situation, then you have to ask yourself, what if this happens? In a hospital environment working different shifts is more likely. Perhaps look at an imaging clinic environment where the hours are more regular.
  5. Follow Through on your commitments. If you tell a hiring manager or prospective employer that you will commit to a certain shift or position for a period of time, then keep your word. In most cases, these things are not in writing, like the agreement you sign for relocation or sign-on bonus. However, a verbal commitment is just as important. Your reputation will follow you. You never know when you will cross paths with that person again.

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