Resume Writing Services

Why use our Resume Writing Services? 
Our goal is to help you open doors and get more interviews 

After reviewing thousands of professional resumes we’ve developed a sharp eye for detail.
We can help you tailor your resume in order to ensure maximum impact.
Do you need a resume that will help get you the salary increase you are looking for? 
Don’t get passed over by someone who has a better presentation of their background.

Your resume is the business agenda for your interview. It is not just a summary of your qualifications such as your training professional work experience, and skills.  It must include and highlight your accomplishments.  You want to leave a prospective employer with the lasting impression of how you are the person to help them meet their goals.  Your cover  letter is used to emphasize specific parts of your resume that are in the job requirements and explains how you have what they are looking for. It can be time consuming to put all the pieces together. We do this on a daily basis, so our writing skills are and stay sharp.

We are professional recruiters by trade. We offer something unique that most resume writing firms do not have.  We work with the managers, directors, VPs and executives that make company hiring decisions including Human Resources. We know what they look for in a resume. Whether you are a new grad or an executive level candidate, we offer a level of expertise that will give you the edge. You want a resume that will stand out from other candidates.

Reasons to choose our service:

  1. We have a strong background in technical recruiting, have recruited IT, Allied Health (Laboratory, Pharmacy, Respiratory Therapy, Diagnostic Imaging, Physical Therapy and Nursing including OR, ER, L&D, Home Health, Med/Surg, and NPs, and have industry specific knowledge. We have a knack for understanding the terminology quickly and how it applies to what you do. We understand the skills, experience, equipment and the environment you work in.
  2. If you are working in another field that is not Healthcare related, or in sales/marketing, you can also be assured that we will perform to your expectations.  We have a strong sales and marketing background, including inside and outside sales.  
  3. We offer our resume writing services at affordable pricing. We do not send our resumes to a staff of writers, so there are no added charges.  This allows us to pass on the savings to our customers who want quality services at a fair and reasonable price.
  4. Unlike other resume services that have a certain process or form to fill out, we are flexible. We normally email you with what we need to complete your resume. However, we can email, or call depending on what works for you. Our goal is for you to be comfortable, which is the best way to gather the details we need to improve your resume.
  5. We want you to be satisfied and have a written guarantee, which you can view on our Shop page.If you are not satisfied with your resume, within 30 days of receiving it, we will rewrite it at no additional cost to you.
  6. We use our resume writing service, as our way of “giving back” to our community. We donate the proceeds to care for abandoned and homeless pets.

To begin the process, please go to our Shop page, where you can select and pay for the services you want. If you the fastest service, please email a copy of your resume to Anne at, after you place your order.  

If you have any questions, please call Anne Rell at 573-732-3343 or email her at

NOTE:  It is helpful if you include the following on all correspondence: your name, phone number, email and a good time to reach you.