Recruiting Services


What Makes Us Unique?

“We aspire to be the best recruiting firm that our clients and candidates say that they have worked with.”

Our strength is in our understanding of the medical terminology.  Our understanding is so strong that clients and candidates have asked us if we have worked in the position also.  We genuinely care that both client and candidate are happy with the results.  When a candidate takes a position fully informed, they will stay in that position for a much longer term.  We know that time is valuable.  When we do our job well, we save our clients and candidates their valuable time.  That is one of the best returns on your investment, that you can receive.

For clients: 

We present candidates that have the experience you are looking for, are interested in your location, and your position. Our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible for you.  We learn everything we can about your culture, opportunity and location, so that we can find the best match possible.  We can assist with the interview process, reference checks, research on the area, relocation costs, helping candidates find a new place to live, information on schools, and helping their spouses find a new position.  We offer you the opportunity to see the results of candidates that are not necessarily searching for jobs, but would make a change for what you have to offer.  We look for the best candidate match available, since our reputation is measured, in many cases, on how the candidate performs (even though there are many factors involved that have an effect on their performance, that we have no control over).  We can offer suggestions to improve your entire interview process, based on our past experiences, so that you improve your results.

We give you the focus and attention of a retained recruiting firm, where you pay a fee when the search assignment begins, with the results of contingency search, where you pay a fee for results, or when the candidate starts work.  Most of our recruiting assignments are “exclusive,” where we are the only firm recruiting on the position.  We show our appreciation for “exclusive” searches with discounted fees.  With an exclusive search we can focus all our attention on producing results as quickly as possible, which makes us a more cost effective source for recruiting difficult to fill positions.

For candidates: 

Many of our clients are small community hospitals, critical access hospitals, primary and urgent care clinics, and lab, rehab, imaging, skilled nursing, and medical facilities, that are in rural communities. They are located about an hour or more outside metro areas. We are experienced in making a stressful interview and relocation process go smoothly for you, including the interview process, and assisting you with finding housing in your new location. We want to give you all the details we can about an opportunity, so that there are no surprises for you. We do everything we can to make it a smooth placement process.  We make things less stressful, so that you can focus on having a successful interview and on your new job opportunity.

1. We want to know the following: what is important to you?, what motivates you?, what are your goals/career aspirations?,  and in what type of work environment you will be happiest and be able to reach your goals? 
3. We can match your skills and needs, with our current job opportunities, or we can use our knowledge to find one that is a better fit for you.
4. We want to support you as the hiring process moves forward.  We stay in touch with you, and follow up to see how you are doing, after you start your new position.
6. We help negotiate a fair and competitive compensation package. 
7. We want to be the recruiting professional that makes you so happy with our service, that you will trust us enough to give us referrals.  We share our success, and offer referral bonuses, to show our appreciation.